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Chaque lundi, retrouvez le meilleur de la mode depuis les rues de Tokyo. Une collaboration x

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  1. Muhammet says:

    hhahaa confuse ang anak kay unsa man jud ang toiund ehehe! opposite ta mamijess si hubby gusto ug long hair tapos ako short na magbuot sya kay ako man magputol sa hair lol!that is good for K that she’s been to salon so many times si Akesh wapa jud ni katilaw ug salon. ka pretty sa dalaga! bpc hop pod!

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  10. Interesting John Hall uses the same rationale as Rahm Emanuel to justify his vote ….. hmmm ….. is there a caucus to get stories straight?Pleasing or being afraid of R’s is what one of the bigger problems is with reactionary D’s.I think a very careful review of Blue America candidates (which I mostly support) by donors is required as with any critical decision.

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